Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Arrogant CSD Directors ignore and insult Marinwood People who Care

This 2018 video makes Jeff Naylor looks even more irresponsible and arrogant.  The Maintenance Shed is now 400% of the original budget and the construction site plan is not approved due to non compliance with County regulations. NO INFORMATION has been released about the projected cost or the problems encountered despite Naylor's promise to have more information AFTER the plan has been approved.

It suprises no one from the general public since the problems the CSD is now encountering with the plan were ignored such as the lack of usuable space on the lot for landscaping equipment,  the wasteful drive through design,  the lack of detail concerning the environmental impact and the scope of the facility on the park.   

Bill Hansell, architect and former CSD Politician has produced a plan that will likely never get built for approximately $40,000 cost to taxpayers.  ALL OF THE ERRORS should have been uncovered and dealt with prior to submittal to the Marin County Community Development Department. He should be dismissed immediately because of his cost overruns and non compliance with county regulations.  The Marinwood CSD could have purchased a prefab garage facility FOR LESS than the amount wasted on the Hansell Design.

The arrogance of the CSD is truly stunning.  They are all responsible for this disaster.

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