Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Architect Bill Hansell attacks the Public at the Marinwood CSD 11/13/2018

Marinwood CSD architect Bill Hansell, a former board member, implores the Marinwood CSD to ignore public commentary criticizing the Maintenance Shed project. He misquotes the Brown Act and public meeting laws and goes so far as to imply that no one can voice an opinion of CSD business except the elected officials. A large group of residents object to the massive Marinwood Maintenance Shed project and have gathered 200 signatures. Hansell claims this is illegitimate public speech even while at the very same meeting, a large group of mountain bicyclists gather to provide support for the conversion of the Ponti Fire road to a mountain bike/hiking trail. Apparently, some groups merit more attention than others.

Not a single Marinwood CSD board member spoke in defense of the Public's Right to Speak.

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