Monday, March 25, 2019

Yimby+Envy Making sense of the YIMBY politics.

Here is a brief twitter exchange between me and Sonja Trauss, a YIMBY leader.  I have been fascinated by this group because they are not fundamentally ideological in my opinion. They are driven by economic insecurity and generational politics.  They have much in common with the other groups like Occupy Wallstreet and Antifa.  They are essentially nihilists who want to destroy what they believe they cannot attain.  Baby boomers are their number one target since they hold the most wealth in society.   Despite their irrational arguments, they are an educated group who feel that radical action is the only way to achieve their objectives.  Thus, SB50 that will radically upzone every neighborhood in California and take away local authority is perfectly "reasonable"

As Sonja Trauss puts it "Envy is social justice"

I guess she never read about the French Revolution.

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