Thursday, November 1, 2018

Marinwood CSD is misusing Measure A funds and Doesn't CARE about the health of Miller Creek

Marinwood CSD regularly violates Environmental Regulations, Government Public Contracting Laws,  Building Permitting Regulations, Conflict of Interest Laws and has submitted a false and misleading Site Plan for the Marinwood Maintenance Facility.

They want Marin County Community Planning to approve a Design Review Exemption for a project that is THREE TIMES the size of the McInnis Staff Building despite public opposition and gross violations of the Stream Conservation Area and the 2007 Marin County General Plan.

The Marinwood CSD Maintenance Compound plan needs to be sent "back to the drawing board" but at the very least it needs public review.  The Sierra Club, the Watershed Alliance of Marin and a growing number of environmental organizations are learning of the project now and have issued strong objections to the project. 

The Marinwood CSD will claim that they have had many public reviews,  had expert analysis and cannot possibly consider a smaller facility due to the needs of the staff.  This is complete nonsense and easily contested.  The Marinwood CSD hopes you will not notice the public controversy and most definitely does not want a full public hearing where embarrassing details will receive scrutiny

Recently, the Marinwood CSD has spent Measure A funds for air conditioning equipment,  refinishing of floors, a pool pump and now wants to build a staff garage.  None of these are closely aligned with the purpose of Measure A funds for: 1) recreation facilities (playgrounds, etc)  2.) habitat restoration 3.) education or 4.) accessibility .  Public request for projects for a safety handrail, playground improvements and shade facilities have been ignored while the Marinwood CSD has horded $257k in Measure A funds for capital projects.  

Ironically, the Marinwood CSD had nearly unanimous support for an environmentally superior project in 2017 at a public forum known as Option #3  It was recommended by Irv Schwartz, well known Civil Engineer and CSD board member.  It is a narrow building which is OUTSIDE the Stream Conservation Setback and appropriate size and scale for our small park.  

A successful Marinwood Maintenance Facility can be built with near unanimous support and in an environmentally sensitive manner.  We urge the Community Development Department to REJECT THE DESIGN REVIEW EXEMPTION which will shut out opportunities to improve the project.  

We urge Marin County to respect the 2007 Marin County General Plan and  Stream Conservation Area Ordinance.

A maintenance facility similar to this will save hundreds of thousands of dollars and can be situated outside the Stream Conservation Area with Option #3 if it moves east and is closer to the fenceline.  

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