Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Tough Shed can be installed in Marinwood Park in less than a week

A new maintenance shed in Marinwood Park doesn't have to be complex or expensive.  We can keep the current Modular office that has a bathroom, office and break room and install a modular shed like the above and save HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.  Virtually EVERY PARKS DEPARTMENT/ SCHOOL DISTRICT in Marin County uses modular units for their landscaping facilities. 

 Above are some of the product offerings available locally from Tuff Shed in Rohnert Park.  They can be installed quickly for hundreds of thousands less than the Marinwood Maintenance Compound.

Why do you think most localities prioritize sound fiscal management and preservation of open space, over a custom architectural design for utilitarian structures? 

Here is a video of a modular garage installation in five hours.

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