Sunday, August 5, 2018

Who needs Free Speech?

Who needs Free Speech?
The Marinwood CSD has asserted themselves as the “official truth” about the 6000 sf Maintenance Shed Compound  that is being proposed for Marinwood Park.   They call critics “liars”.
We encourage you to seek out information for yourselves.  Do you really want this huge project in your park?
Some people don’t want you to know.  You can find out more from videos and public comments on “unofficial” websites and your neighbors.
Don’t let the censors take your park away.
 “Stop the White Elephant
In Marinwood Park”

P.S.  The Marinwood CSD and other bullies are removing public notices about the project in order to minimize public knowledge about the project. There own documents are highly deceptive and they don't want people to know the size, cost and impact of the project on Marinwood Park.  It is almost laughable if it wasn't such a sad commentary on the CSD.  Please tell your neighbors.

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