Saturday, August 11, 2018

Smears and Yellow Journalism at the Marin IJ

An Open Letter to the Marin IJ:

Wow, Richard Halstead did not waste any time trying to smear me. He was standing behind me in the registrars office yesterday and could have interviewed me why I would want to run-especially if his 2016 story was true. It was b.s. in 2016 and fully vetted by videotape proof. He didn't interview me then either. It is a sad day for the Marin IJ and journalism. 


"Another local race worth watching is the contest for two openings on the Marinwood Community Services District. So far, incumbent Bill Shea, Sivan Oyserman and Stephen Nestel, a passionate opponent of Plan Bay Area and increased housing densities, have declared their candidacies and filing for the district seats will remain open until Wednesday.
In 2016, Nestel, a vocal critic of the district who often videotapes meetings, got into a physical altercation with Justin Kai, a Marinwood CSD board member at the time, that resulted in Kai seeking a restraining order to keep Nestel away from him. The request for the restraining order was denied."

So based on nothing more than a one sided account by the "victim" and the judge throwing the matter out of court,  a front page, above the fold article runs in 2016 while burying a rape story on page 6.   
Have you no decency and respect for the profession of journalism?

I chose to ignore the matter in 2016.  In this internet age, the lie has reverberated with "gotcha" claims of wrongdoing.   The facts have not changed.  I was the victim of Justin Kai's aggression while walking my dogs in front of my house. He videotaped the encounter and based on the evidence, the judge threw it out of court.  Essentially, it is a non story of two people getting angry and walking away.
Why does the Marin IJ want to take sides in this matter?   Clearly, Mr. Halstead thinks smears can stop me from participating in local democracy.  
I am happy to speak with any fair minded reporter about my candidacy in Marinwood CSD.
My chief concern in Marinwood is a  maintenance shed compound that is being pushed without public oversight.  It violates the Stream Conservation Ordinance established in 2007 and is preposterously out of scale.  If built, it will be the most expensive maintenance shed for a three man crew in Marin County's history.

The Marinwood CSD shed "White Elephant" is a story of corruption, failed environmental policy and secret local government.

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