Saturday, August 18, 2018

Marinwood CSD meeting for August 14, 2018- Maintenance Compound proposal

The CSD board glares contemptuously at the public for daring to speak against their plans.

0:11:32 Discussion of Negative Declaration begins 0:33:00 Marinwood CSD approves its own Negative Declaration despite violation of the Stream Conservation regulations on Miller Creek, inaccurate and misleading data, a history of building code violations, the deliberate attempt to coverup the important Miwok Indian historical village and the massive footprint required of their 6000 sf Maintenance Shed Compound, aka. the "White Elephant" which will at least double the impact of the current facility. Despite strong community objections, the Marinwood CSD ignored legitimate criticism and voted unanimously to approve. The new facility has been designed by a former CSD director for an undisclosed amount. The projected budget has not been announced. This is a financial disaster in the making. 0:39:00 Bill Hansell, Architect unveils his plans for his Maintenance Shed Compound followed by questions and answers. (appx 1:40:00)

2:20:00 Other CSD business

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