Thursday, July 12, 2018

We did all the marketing right but the dogs didn't like the dogfood*" ABAG considers what went wrong with Plan Bay Area I

Brad Paul demonstrates the arrogance and stupidity of the ABAG staff.  They call us names and think we cannot do math.  Gee,  maybe we REJECT the massive urbanization and Government control..   Maybe we don't want central planners guiding every aspect of our lives and destroy our neighborhoods.   He is a hint Mr. Paul.  We love our communities.  We love our homes and we don't need ABAG to "improve our lives".

At 5:00 Mr. Paul uses an illustration of Wincup "stack and pack" as an example of bad construction.  See the written reports of ABAG insights HERE

*We did the marketing right but the dogs didn't like the dog food" refers to marketing folklore about a major product launch that failed.

"We did everything right. We hired the best agency. Celebrity endorsements.  Bought millions of dollars in prime time advertising. Got prime shelf space in the stores.  It was destined to be a hit!"

What happened?

"The dogs wouldn't eat it"

Product testing with end users is an important step of any successful product launch.  Success takes hold only AFTER the "dogs eat the dog food".

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