Monday, April 9, 2018

They're using street lights equipped with microphones and CCTVs to spy on us

They're using street lights equipped with microphones and CCTVs to spy on us

In the city of San Jose in California anyCOMM is installing between 300 and 1,000 street lights with microphones and surveillance cameras in street lights. It was said that the council voted to allow the technology company to install nodes which come with audio and video recording on the street lights in a pilot program that is going to run for a year.
Countries Cities Using Surveillance Cameras And Microphones To Spy On People Through Street Lights

The program is going to run only in areas that have been pre-approved, and anyCOMM along with Siemens is going to pay more than $34 million for the installation of the LED streetlights with surveillance, over the city. Just four months ago it was said that smart street lights were being run in smart cities by the CIA signature school from New Mexico.
Surveillance Street Lights Cost $34 Million

It was also revealed earlier on this year that GE, AT&T, and Intel would be working in partnership to install street lights that were able to spy on residents. General Electric plans to put sensors, microphones, and cameras into 3,200 street lights in the San Diego region this year and this would be the first use of smart cities on a large scale. General Electric said that it would help the council and officials to monitor traffic along with being able to pinpoint crime.
Street Lights With Audio Recording Installed In Los Angeles

The story of streetlights that can spy on people is playing out across the country, and people do not seem to be taking much notice. Two years previously street lights were installed in Los Angeles, and they had microphones in them, which officials said were installed so that they could hear the traffic. Light poles had been fitted with microphones which could monitor the ambient sounds in some parts of the city, and it was said that they helped to give a diverse and articulate reading of the urban soundscape. In the same year in Florida General Electric installed 50 lights that had video cameras in them in Jacksonville.

The Simon Property Group along with Cisco, Acuity Brands, and General Electric have all worked with Sensity Systems to make street lights that can spy on the general public along with being able to monitor the traffic. The New York Times said that the LED street lights could do far more than just monitor the traffic though. It was said that depending on the sensors that had been connected and installed; the lights could pick up many activities and factors, including congestion, gunshots, pollutants and even a shopper going around a store.

The article in the New York Times went on to say that the LED street lights were even able to spot and keep an eye on someone who was acting in a suspicious manner. So if your street suddenly gets new street lights, beware as someone may just be spying down on you from them.

Street Lights Can Even Monitor Individual Bluetooth Signals

It has also been said that police are making use of Bluetooth detectors so that they can identify the Bluetooth signal of an individual. It was said that by combining the phone number or license plate with the serial number of Bluetooth, it is now possible to track people through their phones. It seems that wireless Bluetooth detectors are just about everywhere. The vice president of public sector sales for a traffic data software company said that the whole country is doing it. Of course, if it comes down to spying on the public the fingerprints of the DHS are generally to be found all over it.

DHS Is Behind Intellistreets Spying Street Lights

DHS, TSA and NJ Transit last year installed the DriveCam LTYX cameras that are equipped with microphones, and this allowed them to spy in secret on the conversations of people commuting. A spokesperson for the NJ Transit system said that the audio and video that was captured was used by the New Jersey Police Department and they called it an investigatory tool that was invaluable.

So it seems that new street lighting is not for the safety of the public at all, it is for government spying on a scale that is unimaginable.

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