Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Illegal Parking on Marinwood Open Space is Ignored

This RV has been parked on Marinwood CSD open space for years without consequence.  The Marinwood CSD frets over the violation but has not contacted the Marin Sheriff for removal. It is located next to Miller Creek at Las Gallinas.
Periodically,  residents bordering Marinwood Open Space trespass on our property. Sometimes they build structures, driveways and decks.  The Marinwood CSD manager is charged with the responsibility for contacting violators and seek cooperation but sometimes the resident refuses.  We witnessed one yesterday on Las Gallinas at Miller Creek

Strangely, this violation has happened for years yet the CSD has done nothing. For the last two CSD meeting this violations has been fretted about. No one seems to know what to do. The CSD manager , Eric Driekosen has contacted Marin County Code enforcement and written a letter but he is ignored.  I pointed out that the CSD could have it towed by the Sheriffs department without notice. 

Still no action.

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