Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Save Marinwood CSD from making an EXPENSIVE mistake with the Maintenance Shed

An Open letter to Marinwood CSD/ Parks Commission

Last night at the Marinwood CSD  Parks Commission,  Eric Dreikosen said he was about to spend money for an architect to draw up plans for the Maintenance Shed that is within the stream conservation zone of a 100 foot setback from the TOP of Miller Creek bank.

see page 3   "100' ft setback for parcels greater than 2 acres."

Mr Dreikosen is moving ahead after a preliminary planning session with Tamara Taylor of the Community Development Planning Department .   I called her today to express my concerns due to the closeness to the creek.  She had a faint recollection of the meeting but stated that NO detailed advice had been given as to the suitability of the site.  She hadn't seen the plans.  I asked about the setback requirements and she pointed that the governing law will determine once plans are received.

I request that the Marinwood CSD get ACCURATE and DETAILED advice on the location before commissioning an architect.  It is my belief that NO BUILDING will be allowed due to environmental concerns.  

Why waste the money without knowing if the project can actually be built?

There are multiple concerns with the site from neighbors and local, state and federal regulators. Do you remember the public input meeting in 2017?

The more important issue is the amount of parkland that will be wasted for parking trucks when a much more suitable location is available.

The  currrent location of the park shed could be home to a Nature Preschool which could reap $50k in profits from the first year of operation.  Nature kindergartens are very much a new trend and popping up everywhere.

The only addition to the site would be to construct a small outdoor nature playground utilizing trees and natural materials.
The project could be completed by our staff at a very small cost. 

I believe it will be HUGELY POPULAR with our young families.  We need more capacity for preschool and after school programs and this area is ideally suited for children's play.  We will be proud of being one of the first communities in Marin County with such a program.  Berkeley, Oakland, Mill Valley, Palo Alto have similar programs.

Why waste money on planning a maintenance shed where the neighbors object, the environmental regulators will stop  and where we could have a wonderful program that MAKES MONEY for the CSD?

I urge you to direct Maintenance shed planning to a more feasible site.  I believe that site is next to the fire department with convenient access on Miller Creek Rd and the Office. Other sites may also be available.

If you are interested in an outdoor preschool in Marinwood Park, send an email to and

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