Thursday, August 24, 2017

Citizens object to Plan for High Fees for public records.

Marin County: Furor kills plan to charge for public records

County Finance Director Roy Given. (Courtesy County of Marin)
County Finance Director Roy Given. (Courtesy County of Marin) 

A county proposal to start charging about $114 an hour to respond to public records requests was withdrawn Tuesday after the idea elicited a flurry of public protest.
County Finance Director Roy Given told the Board of Supervisors during its weekly meeting that it was never his intent to charge the general public for information requests under the California Public Records Act or the federal Freedom of Information Act.  See Article HERE
Stonewalling of public information by Marinwood CSD leaves us with little recourse
except a legal remedy. It is madness and likely in violation of the Brown Act to charge exorbitant fees.

How can citizens be informed and educated about their government if only the wealthy have access?

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