Thursday, June 1, 2017

Self Help and Anarchy in Detroit (And the precarious finances of the Marinwood CSD)

Bankruptcy is a real possibility in Marinwood if the elected board continues to spend more money than we bring in.  Our pensions are underfunded,  our staffing grows and much capital equipment needs replacing and repair.  Recently, the Marinwood CSD entered into a twenty year agreement for solar electricity services with SolEd and SSG2 Group that has failed to produce savings.  A former CSD Director was a consultant involved in the contract.   While the Marinwood CSD board cheerfully boasts that revenues are up, they also fail to mention that they are not addressing the structural deficits.  Our Marinwood Fire Department (paid for Marinwood CSD and Lucas Valley homeowners association taxpayers) now spends 2/3 of its response time in the neighboring city of San Rafael for emergency calls.  Essentially, the Marinwood Fire Department is a substation of San Rafael Fire Department but WE PAY ALL OF ITS COST.

Clearly, Marinwood CSD is heading for trouble.  Will we need our own "lawnmower gang" in Marinwood in the future?

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