Friday, April 28, 2017

Plan Bay Area 2040 ( aka. Snake Oil 2.0)

MTC presented a special workshop "for elected officials" prior to the TAM meeting. The public could attend but their was NO PUBLICITY about it except an item on the TAM agenda.  I am always curious when our public servants have meetings that EXCLUDE the public.  Only about 15 elected officials showed up and a handful of the public.  The scenario laid out would mean substantial growth in Marin AND the acknowledgement that THE MIDDLE CLASS will be decimated.

The MTC believes that many more low income (taxpayer subsidized) housing must be built.  If low income (tax free ) housing is built then taxes must rise for everyone else to pay for essential government services, schools and public safety.  The MTC acknowledges the plan will need massive new taxes such as increased sales taxes, bridge tolls, highway tolls,  abolish prop 13 and lower the threshold to 55% for new taxes approvals.  A regional housing fund will be created where we subsidize affordable housing for other counties.  It is a massive social engineering project.

The politicians have lost their minds. They think the taxpayers are an endless source of revenue even while the mass exodus of millennials and families from California has begun.   We must submit comments on Plan Bay Area 2040 by June 1, 2017 or lose the county will hold so dear.

We must SAVE MARIN, AGAIN!  (and your hometown, too!)

A more thorough discussion of the "Preferred Scenario" was discussed in October 2016 at MTC.s new headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

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