Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Letter that you never saw about the Marinwood CSD maintenance shed and Creekside ordinance

Editor's Note: This is the letter sent to the Marinwood CSD on 4/21/2017 concerning the Maintanence Shed that was NOT DISTRIBUTED prior to the Special Meeting on 4/25/2017.  The Marinwood CSD must respect the Stream Ordinance.  We are the largest landowner of Miller Creek stream property in Lucas Valley. 

Dear Mr. Dreikosen/Shane Demarta/Board Members/Public:

Please be advised that the Maintenance Shed is within the 100 foot set back and building improvements are prohibited.  This includes Miller Creek and the drainage canal next to the horseshoe pit (an ephemeral stream)

The only place in Marinwood Park a new shed could be built is along side the fire house on Lucas Valley Road.  Such a shed could be simpler in design as it would not need an office or bathroom.  A separate office shed could be added if needed with minimal cost.
As you know the Miller Creek stream bank has had serious erosion issues and is unstable during wet years.  In addition, it is sound ecological practice to avoid buildings and storing chemicals where they could harm the environment.  It is time the district take this responsibility seriously.

At next weeks meeting to discuss the new shed, I hope you will provide a feasible alternative for a shed located next to the fire house.  The two designs offered thus far are not in compliance within the current Stream Ordinance.

Parcel Number164-260-35
Stream Conservation Area Setback100 feet (Additional setback may be required)
See MapClick Here 164-260-35

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