Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rent a Room, Go to Jail!

Rent a Room, Go to Jail!

If you "discriminate" against Section 8, you will face jail time, fines, civil and criminal penalties plus a lawsuit risk.

The Marin County Board of Supervisors are "remodeling" your property rights as you sleep.

We tried to warn everyone.  The Marin County Board of Supervisor's have lost their minds.  They have created an ordinance where you can go to jail if you "discriminate" against a Section 8 tenant applicant.  This looks really messy and a landmine for someone seeking a roommate.  The ordinance alleges that you can still screen for creditworthiness but cannot exclude people solely on Section 8.  This puts would be landlords in a real bind because Section 8 requires a legal contract with the government and the willingness to have random government inspections.

Did the Supervisors actually think this one through?  Probably not.  Many people who rent out rooms are simply looking for supplemental income due to a job change, divorce or unforeseen financial challenge.  This ordinance now creates a big financial risk from zealous regulators and housing activist attorneys.  Why should the simple act of getting a roommate require a lawyer?

See the complete ordinance HERE

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