Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Letter to the Supervisors opposing the "Income Discrimation" Ordinance in Marinwood

Single Moms shouldn't have to get a lawyer to rent a room their house to accommodate Section 8 in Unincorporated Marin.

Dear Supervisors:

The proposal to include homeowners who rent rooms and small owner occupied dwellings to the Section 8 "Income Discrimination" Ordinance is unfair and biased against people who rent a room in their house to make ends meet.  Likewise, Mom and Pop landlords who rent apartments in their owner occupied dwellings should not be forced to participate in the Section 8 bureaucracy.

It is not uncommon to find a newly divorced parent to struggle to keep a roof over top of their heads and take in renters.  It is one way to make ends meet quickly while keeping a stable home.  With the new "income discrimination" ordinance,  it becomes far more risky, subjecting themselves to lawyers, government bureaucracy in addition to the financial instability of the boarder.

Do the Marin County Supervisors want more people on the streets after losing their homes?

It is time that "fair, affordable housing" also apply to citizens who own homes.  Vote NO to forcing burdensome, risky Section 8 programs onto homeowners and owner occupied dwellings.  It is unfair and will likely lead to fewer rooms and low cost rentals on the marketplace.


Editor's Note:  The final reading of this ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21st.  Please consider sending an email and/or appear to voice your objection.  

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