Monday, October 3, 2016

Our letter to Marin County Board of Supervisors regarding Plan Bay Area 2040

Dear Supervisors,                                                      OCT, 3, 2016

Plan Bay Area 2040 needs to be based upon real world data and assumptions that reflect reality about building in Marin. Plan Bay Area 2040 is based on flawed assumptions that bear little resemblance to our past history and nor is it likely that we will see an endless rise in population and business opportunity that seems to underlay all assumptions about our future.

Instead,  I expect that the Bay Area will actually see a decrease in population as the economic pressures of housing, taxes and jobs equalize with other opportunity zones worldwide.  Despite the fever inducted optimism that abounds in our current economic climate, the California economy/government is on an unsustainable path.  We can expect that significant readjustment will occur as employers, people and capital seek more favorable economic environment.  According to Zillow about 50 percent of residents are considering a move elsewhere in the country per a recent SF Gate article HERE.

Marin County has always maintained a reverence for its land and quality of life.  The Marin County Supervisors must again lead the fight against unbridled growth that will degrade our quality of life.  History will remember you. 

The people of Save Marinwood Lucas Valley wholly endorse the letter submitted by Sustainable Tam Almonte on Plan Bay Area 2040.  We seek your leadership for sensible planning that is based on reality and is sensitive to our values for open space and livable communities.

See Sustainable Tam Almonte letter HERE

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