Thursday, October 13, 2016

Marinwood CSD Meeting Oct 2016

Marinwood CSD Oct 2016  meeting: Pension Trust Fund, New Fire Regulations, Summer Review

Oct 2016 Board Agenda HERE

Marinwood CSD Board is considering a non revocable trust for pension retirements while ignoring present needs of the Parks Department need for new vehicles and a replacement maintenance shed.  In the past ten years that I have been following the board,  they claim not to have the money for the parks department while always finding money for salaries, pet projects and new equipment for other departments.

Once the investment is made in the irrevocable pension trust, it cannot be removed without loss of earnings.  While the planning for the future is good, it should not replace paying attention to current needs of the district, cost containment and the exploration of new revenue sources.

Unfortunately,  all the cuts last year by the previous Marinwood CSD board have been replaced by new spending, payroll expansion and new permanent employees.  We are still not in a healthy financial condition and must rely on borrowing to make it through the fiscal year.

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