Thursday, August 11, 2016

NextDoor Marinwood Mayhem Part 2. "The Marinwood Free Speech Corner"

Ray Decker from Lucas Valley/Marinwood19h ago

Paul - You are right in your thinking and defending the workers. Offering an opinion is not the same as suggesting censorship. I hope this stays open and whomever that one person is has a beer and chills out a bit.
Picture of Paul Brunell
Paul Brunell  from Lucas Valley/Marinwood18h ago

You can be sure your friendly neighborhood blogger is never going to chill out. As we speak this thread is being copied onto a public blog, in direct violation of a NextDoor Privacy policy. More … View more
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Kate Wilson has no photo
Kate Wilson from Lucas Valley/Marinwood15h ago

Could we p l e a s e bring this topic to a close already. I mean getting literally dozens of emails is overkill. Thank you Leigh for waking all of us up to the need for these improvements. We all need to realize the world doesn't revolve around any of us
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Kate Wilson from Lucas Valley/Marinwood15h ago

Hi Leigh. I met you & your darling daughter in the shoe department of Macy's. I lost contact with you. I'd love to reconnect. Kate Wilson, Lucas Valley
Picture of Alicia Hairston
Alicia Hairston from Lucas Valley/Marinwood10h ago

Someone washed the chalk off and wrote "censorship at its finest" if nothing else my kids and I had a good long talk around this subject. I was expelled from Terra Linda High for using chalk on the quad. Actually. It was a Necco valentines Heart candy. . . But I was using it like chalk. It changed my life for the better. So I never protested it. Nor did I realize at that time that I could (1998).
Chalk washes away. But what you write with it. Doesn't necessarily do the same.
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Picture of Paul Brunell
Paul Brunell  from Lucas Valley/Marinwood10h ago
I like the candy idea...
Maybe people should just draw art, instead of writing dumb sayings and making it about themselves. Somehow this went from a conversation about whether it's ok to insult the construction workers to being about censorship? Oh wait, I know how that happens. A blogger with no moral fabric.

Editor's Note:  It appears that the "Lords of Intolerance" have struck back and petitioned Nextdoor to remove me permanently from receiving the newsfeed.  It was bad enough this Spring,when  NextDoor neighborhood Troll, Paul Brunnell  wrote thirty posts attacking me in 48 hours after I had the timerity to suggest that the dog leash law should be overturned.  The "Guardian of Public Decency" Bruce Anderson, neighborhood lead, disabled my account because I responded to Paul by calling him an "insufferable boar".  Paul, the pillock, has been trolling me privately,  online and verbally ever since so I am sure he will be thrilled to know he scored a "victory".  Of course, there are others who will be thrilled to know too.  For the rest of us, who behave like civil adults,  I can assure you that free speech is not dead. will continue to be the "Most Dangerous Blog in Lucas Valley".

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  1. You were removed from nextdoor because you violated their policy, silly man.