Thursday, August 4, 2016

ALERT: Is this address on Lucas Valley Rd the new location for 276 units of Low Income Housing?

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A pre application for the development at Luis Ranch (Rocking H Ranch) has been received by Marin County Planning Department.  You can read about it HERE.  It calls for 4 large estates of ten acres each AND one lot of below market units next to Lucas Valley Road across from Bridgegate Dr.  Luis Ranch has a potential development of 280 units.

Does this mean that we will see two parcels of low income housing developed to the maximum of 276 units! ?

The planners and politicians have been very sneaky.  In 2014 they downzoned the property to allow for 280 units over community objections.

It looks like we have ANOTHER battle on our hands, thanks to the efforts of Housing Activists, Developers and their business allies. 

I don't think the brush clearing along Lucas Valley Road is a random act by the Board of Supervisors.  There are many development proposals in the works.  Gary Giacomini,  Steve Kinsey and others want to urbanize Lucas Valley.

Editorial Update: Aug 5, 2016-  Ben Berto of Marin County Community Development confirms that only 2 affordable units will be built.

"What you are showing is the theoretical upper density range for a 100 percent affordable housing development.  However the site is not designated as an affordable housing receiver site, it has numerous site constraints (e.g., slope, drainages), and it lacks the infrastructure necessary to support affordable housing.  The pre-application is proposing 4 market-rate units, plus 2 existing units proposed to be renovated and used for affordable.

Ben Berto
Principal Planner
County of Marin

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