Friday, May 13, 2016

My response to Justin Kai's Lies and the Marin IJ Libel

Although I want to put the Justin Kai issue to bed, I have been maliciously libeled and slandered too many times. His "temporary civil harassment restraining order" only contained his over the top allegations and character assassination. As a recipient of the order, I did not have the opportunity to file a written statement to the court answering Justin's outrageous claims. Although I was allowed to speak in my defense at the court hearing, none of it enters the written record.
The judge threw out the restraining order request after listening to Justins testimony and seeing the video that Justin provided.
I tried to let the matter rest but apparently Justin contacted the Marin IJ and they wrote a story entirely from his perspective adding more injury. I also believe he attacked me in the comments section after the story too under pseudonym, "bank dadio". Furthermore, I told the writer, Richard Halstead that the matter was settled and I was not interested in inflaming the situation.  What did the Marin IJ do?  It published it on page one, top of fold for maximum impact. Meanwhile, the Tiburon rape indictment, a genuine headline news story, was pushed to page three.

After the publication on page one on the Marin IJ, I had clients cancel business, my children were in tears, my wife was upset and now in addition to a court record, I now have a Google searchable document. The Internet lives forever and he has deeply impacted my life. I was never charged with a crime and the allegations were groundless.  

Justin Kai has revealed his true character.

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