Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is Libel part of the new Marin IJ business plan? My letter to Marin IJ management.

Mr. Devincenzi ,

I just noticed that the my story  about "two men get in an argument and restraining order was thrown out of court" got "page one top of fold treatment" and "Tiburon man accused of rape" was relegated to page three. Is this the "journalism" that you practice at the Marin IJ?  

on page one

and actual news on page three

You cannot "un-ring" a bell. After your article on me authored by Richard Halstead of the Marin IJ, clients called me today to cancel business,  my children are in tears, my wife is a wreck, neighbors eyeball me suspiciously, Google has me on their newsfeed with your libelous story.   The only "facts" in the story is the un corroborated account of the man who admitted under oath to assaulting me!   

Is this how the Marin IJ hopes to become a profitable, respected news agency?

Publishing is a tough business these days.  Your credibility is the only thing distinguishing you from millions of bloggers.  With this story about me in today's Marin IJ, it is simply another troll on the Internet.

I am proudly and defiantly upholding the freedom of speech in a government meeting while the Marin IJ is spinning gossip.

Stephen Nestel

The issue about censorship that started the conflict

my "arrest" video for an outburst against the draconian speech policy that the Marin IJ ignores.


Adding insult to injury, the Marin IJ has published a doctored video of the event from Justin Kai to the story.  The part witnessed under oath at the court hearing,  Justin Kai is heard  to taunt me, " Come on Stephen, do you want to hit me?" has been edited out to make it appear that I assaulted Kai.    Mr. Devincenzi, you heard this in court.  Have the integrity to remove this trash immediately.

5/12/2016 : The Marin IJ removed Justin Kai's doctored video but still is publishing the false account by the man who admitted in court to have struck me.  The Marin IJ quoted from his one sided account plus the April 12th CSD report that Kai also authored but fails to identify him as the source.   This is beyond "bad reporting". It is an attempt to smear my character.

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