Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Reflections- Why I am a Community Advocate

A few days camping in Northern California refreshes the spirit
Earlier this week, I took a few days to camp in a beautiful state park in Northern California.  It afforded a bit of solitude and no internet access.  I was alone with the sound the creek and my thoughts.

Needless to say to those following this blog,  I have had to deal with some very negative people recently who seem to be intent on destroying my reputation in any way possible.   A former friend and political ally has launched a venomous attack on my character in the press in an attempt to silence me.  Another cowardly individual attacks me on NextDoor neighborhoods in the full knowledge that I cannot respond.  The NextDoor neighborhood lead has crippled my account to prevent me from posting because he considers my opinions "dangerous".

Why be a community advocate only to take this abuse?

In my case, it boils down to a few simple ideas of keeping our land,  the community and our future beautiful.   Like many people, my relatives before me were veterans in various wars and causes.  They lived in much more difficult times than me and actually dodge bullets, landmines,  enemy planes on behalf of our country.   I have been the BENEFICIARY of their bravery and dedication to liberty.  

If I have to dodge a few insults, lies and innuendo to stand fast to the basic principles of democracy and liberty, it is THE LEAST I can do to honor our brave veterans.  I never served in the military but I will continue to serve the community.  Will you join me in advocating for our liberty?

Happy Memorial Day!

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