Friday, June 3, 2016

George Lucas and his Lawyer Threaten Marin County if Scenic Road is declared

Editor's Note: 6/2/2016:  The Tree Trimming along Lucas Valley Rd. appears to be the County fulfilling Gary Giacomini's threat.  County crews have radically clear cut vegetation next to the road for the FIRST TIME in FIFTY YEARS!   As residents pointed out in the meeting with Supervisor Connolly ,  the crews have greatly exceeded the requirement of ordinary clearing for "road safety and fire protection".  In my view, they are changing the landscape so it can no longer be considered a "scenic highway" and conflict with Developers plans.  They also may be planning to widen the road for greater traffic flows.   

I don't trust the county.  They are on a mad development push for housing in Lucas Valley.  We will fight back. We will Save Marin Again!

Beautiful Lucas Valley,  a tiny 6 square mile community is being targeted with over 70% of all affordable housing for the entire 859 square miles of Marin County.  The area was settled in the 1950s and set aside vast areas of open space paid for by tax dollars so the community could maintain its rural/suburban charm.  Now developers represented by millionaire lobbyist and lawyer, Gary Giacomini want to bulldoze acreage to build high density apartments.  The infrastructure and community costs of these Tax Subsidized developments are to be inflicted on the we the middle class homeowners.  The projects under development proposals now will DOUBLE the population with no additional TAX base.  Rich developers, lawyers and banks profit while the local community pays the costs.

We appreciate that George Lucas wants to build affordable housing and would appreciate it if the burden could be shared throughout Marin, not just concentrated in a mere pocket community so that wealthy Marin can be spared from taking their fair share of housing.

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