Monday, March 28, 2016

Deana Dearborn expresses Strong Doubts about the SolEd Solar Proposal in April 2014

Marinwood CSD Director, Deana Dearborn expresses strong doubt about the SolED Solar project based upon the lack of data and engineering considerations.   She was overpowered by the Tarey Reed, Bill Hansell and Bill Shea who seemed ready to approve despite red flag warnings.  

Later, Justin Kai joined the Board members and even expanded the expensive solar carport in the pool area because SolEd solar power is "FREE" (or so they believe).

The final SolED solar deal has been found to be at least TWICE as expensive as similar solar projects.  The City of St. Helena fires SolEd Benefit Corporation in November 2015 for non performance.  Inexplicably the newly elected Marinwood CSD board voted 4-1 to approve the SolEd contract in January 2016 .  

In February 2016, Marinwood CSD director Jeff Naylor joined them for a unanimous vote to approve construction on the solar carport despite MULTIPLE RED FLAGS concerning the cost,  the fitness of SolEd Benefit Corporation, financial concerns and changing contract terms.  
Marinwood Taxpayers got burnt with high prices and questionable terms in February 2016 with their contract with SolEd Benefit Corporation.

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