Friday, December 18, 2015

City of St. Helena Vote Unanimously to TERMINATE Sol-Ed for NON PERFORMANCE (Marinwood's Solar Company)

Above is the portion of the November 10, 2015 Council Meeting where they terminated Sol-Ed

The staff in St. Helena was on top of the Sol-Ed SEED contract just like the one Marinwood CSD signed and recommended termination for non performance. The staff report reports serious problems and it is a RED FLAG for Marinwood CSD which approved an estoppel at the December 8. 2015 meeting.

I am very saddened that Marinwood CSD did not
 do its due diligence. Apparently, a lawyer never looked at the Estoppel agreement and did not look into C2 Beta Holdings who Sol-Ed assigned the contract. Jeff Naylor was the only CSD board member who voted against the contract.

I suggest that the Marinwood CSD make every effort contain the potential loss immediately and at the appropriate time consider a solar project with a leading solar company with a proven performance record.

See the staff report from St. Helena about Sol-Ed HERE

Sol-Ed has made contracts with Mill Valley and San Rafael too.  I do not think any of the systems have been built to date.

Editors Note 12/20: The video stream has been blocked after posting this.  Is this merely a coincidence?   Check back.

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