Friday, December 18, 2015

Marinwood Pool Deck to get Solar Carport like Hamilton

Novato’s ‘hideous’ solar carport puts Hamilton residents in unsunny disposition

Kat Ryan, left, and Tracey Ruiz are among the Novato residents upset about a solar carport going up in their Hamilton neighborhood. Ruiz said the structure is too big and its materials look “cheap.” (Robert Tong/Marin Independent Journal)  See the story about the Hamilton Pool Solar project HERE

Hamilton residents are unhappy with the massive solar carport that took them by surprise.  Check out the article in the Marin IJ HERE .

Just this month, Marinwood CSD directors voted 4-1 (Jeff Naylor opposed) to approve the construction of a similar structure for the Marinwood pool deck.It is about the footprint of a small house at 22 x 39' and replace the picnic table shade structure next to the showers. It is 9' to 12' high and roughly half the width of the structure in Hamilton above. The dubious project has citizens concerned because of the custom engineering needed and the aesthetic concerns of placing an industrial structure in the natural setting.
An industrial carport 22' x 39'  will consume much of the deck area in place of the much smaller existing structure at Marinwood Pool.

A more practical location outside the Community center classroom would have created a patio room that could be used for an additional classroom and performance space.  This was rejected.

While Novato anticipates its solar project will pay back in 10-12 years, the Marinwood CSD entered into a 25 year commitment with the solar PPA provider (Sol-Ed or our new partner C2 Beta Holdings).  

While solar energy is worthy of consideration, this particular solar deal has many objectionable elements, political insider dealings, high costs, long term commitment and a mysterious newly formed Delaware corporation (May 2015) brought in at the 11th hour to provide financing.

Why is the Marinwood CSD doing business with an untested, inexperienced company over the leaders in the Solar Industry like Solar City?   A previous board signed an EXCLUSIVE consulting contract with a sitting CSD board member, Cyane Dandrige who in turn awarded the financing to David Kunhardt,  a housing activist who has advocated for more housing projects for Marinwood Lucas Valley.

Shouldn't directors Justin Kai, Bill Shea, Leah Green and Izabela Perry be more careful with committing to a twenty five year contract ? 

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