Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rosenbergs Rules and the Brown Act, Marinwood CSD (and the Ukrainian Parliament).

Rosenberg's Rules of Order from Institute for Local Government on Vimeo.

Karma is a good value as is courtesy and the golden rule but cannot be used as an enforcement tool in government.

Rosenbergs (and Roberts Rules) are a formalized set of rules meant to assist groups
 in conducting business to "play nice".

Politics by its very nature can be contentious. Rivals often serve on the same boards. Personalities and political objectives can clash. It is therefore necessary to have a set of "ground rules" to ensure everyone will play fair. It doesnt always work but it is the best way to keep things civilized. (The alternative being, the third world parliaments where brawls and violence are a regular occurrence. See video below).

You can find the rules here:

The Brown Act is a LAW also known as the "sunshine act" to force government to be accountable to the citizens. It is LAW and not optional. It was created because governments WILL act in secret to avoid public scrutiny if possible. Democracy gets in its way.

Restoring civility with Rosenberg's Rules and getting the Marinwood CSD to abide by the Brown Act Law is an imperative. We have many challenges ahead.

I agree that it is good Karma and common courtesy to "play nice". We need the tools of Rosenbergs and the Brown Act to "play fair" and within the bounds of the law.

Much worse than the Marinwood CSD!

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