Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Plea to the Marinwood CSD to revisit the SolEd Benefit Corporation contract goes unpublished and unanswered.

Here is the letter I sent to Eric Dreikosen and the Marinwood CSD board and it was ignored and unpublished.  What does this say about Marinwood CSD board's commitment to an open democratic process?:

Mr. Dreikosen/Marinwood CSD Board:

Solar Energy is a good idea for Marinwood CSD and it is "good politics" for our Marinwood CSD directors.  With the right equipment, favorable terms and a solid vendor, we can expect to save money and do good for the environment.  
The Marinwood CSD has only evaluated one project with one vendor, the SolEd Benefit Corporation and has no idea of competitive offerings from well established firms in the Solar Business.  Even after two years,  the CSD does not know who their "long term managing partner"  (see video is due to the transferable contract, shifting contractors and unknown financing sources.

This is a Red Flag.

On November 10, 2015, just a few weeks prior to the Marinwood CSD meeting that approved the SolEd Corp (C2 Beta Holdings, LLC) the City of St Helena UNANIMOUSLY voted to cancel their contract with SolEd Benefit Corporation due to "non performance"

It is not surprising that Mr. David Kunhardt, did not inform the Marinwood CSD about this embarrassing development and it is understandable that no one knew about it before voting.

The criticism by the City of St. Helena is damning.  The city manager states that virtual ALL PERFORMANCE MILESTONES of their contract with SolEd had not been meet.  

The St. Helena meeting is worth watching for relevant detail HERE

See the staff report HERE

Despite David Kunhardt's impassioned plea for forgiveness, the St Helena board wisely let their good business sense guide their decision to dismiss SolEd Benefit Corp and C2 Beta Holdings, LLC.


We can do business with hundreds of solar companies.  Why not do business with the best available vendor, equipment and terms?

This is a time for the Marinwood CSD prove to the community that they are responsible stewards of the environment and the Marinwood CSD purse.  It is time to revisit the solar contract and to look at the project from a fresh perspective.


Stephen Nestel

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