Friday, September 11, 2015

1000 gallons of Toxic Paint spill onto Grady Ranch on 9/10!

This paint tote holds 330 gallons of paint.

1320 gallons of paint spills onto Grady Ranch on 9/10.  That is four tote loads of 330 gallons each. The spill is in the environmentally sensitive Miller Creek watershed above the proposed Grady Ranch project at 3000 Lucas Valley Road  They are cleaning it up quickly to minimize damage.

1,500 Gallons of Paint Spilled, Lucas Valley Road in Marin County Closed

CHP Marin
A big rig overturned on Lucas Valley Road in Marin County spilling 14,000 gallons of paint on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015.
Lucas Valley Road was closed Thursday morning in both directions east of Big Rock after a big rig overturned and spilled an estimated 1,500 gallons of yellow paint onto watershed property, authorities said.
That estimate was downgraded from the original 14,000 gallons that was originally reported by the Marin County Sheriff.
That's because while California Highway Patrol Officer Andrew Barclay said 14,000 gallons of paint were on the truck, it appears as though only 1,500 gallons spilled. He is also unsure just how much went into a nearby creek, which is on George Lucas property.

A big rig overturned on Lucas Valley Road in Marin County spilling 14,000 gallons of yellow paint on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015.
Photo credit: NBC Bay Area chopper
In a statement, the CHP said that 28-year-old Hugo Zavala-Berrera of Mendota was driving a 2008 freightliner truck and towing a trailer with eight 250 gallon containers of paint. He was trying to negotiate a tight, right turn on the road, west of West Gate Drive, when his trailer slipped, giving way to some paint containers falling into the ravine below.
The NBC Bay Area chopper flew overhead showing the overturned rig, as well as the yellow paint splattered all over rocks and a creek bed.
Representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marin County Sheriff’s Office, Marin County Fire Department, Skywalker Fire Department, and Marin County Roads responded to the scene and began the recovery and cleanup of the hazardous materials.  The trucking company, JL Freight Line LLC out of Fresno, asked Bayview Environmental Services to clean up.
The California Highway Patrol said there were no injuries, only a "big mess" to clean up.
The road was expected to reopen at 10 p.m. on Thursday. But then decided that crews should come back Friday to finish the job.

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