Saturday, August 1, 2015

PEP Housing WANTS YOU to pay for THEIR parks Tax

Mary Stompe of PEP Housing objects to the change from a parcel tax to a per unit tax for the assessment for the parks.  Currently a small single family home and a large multiunit property pay the same amount.  Grady Ranch will have 224 units and is expected to house 500 plus people who will be using our parks. 

Marinwood CSD currently has about 1750 living units.  As of July 2015, a potential of 1000 plus non profit housing units may be built as the result of the Marin County Housing element.  Marinwood CSD is filled with retirees on fixed incomes and moderate dual income working families.  The huge influx non profit housing which pays very little in property taxes will place a huge financial burden on the community.  It is especially upsetting that many of our low income homeowners will be forced to subsidize wealthy developers and financiers in the form of higher parcel taxes.  Assessing taxes on a per unit basis is a small way to address the inequity.

It should be noted that Grady Ranch is not currently part of the Marinwood CSD and may opt out of our service district.  We suspect that the HOLLYWOOD PR machine of George Lucas will come out with headlines "Millionaire Neighbors want to tax the poor" or some such rubbish.  We welcome the discussion.  Maybe this time the press will look around to the community that will be shouldering the burden of the Grady Ranch "gift".

We welcome affordable housing that is financially responsible to the community.

Read the story in the Marin IJ HERE

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