Monday, July 27, 2015

Is the Chinese autocracy the model for Plan Bay Area?

Plan Bay Area is another central planning scheme using the policies of China of central control and autocracy.  Berkeley educated Eric X. Li makes the case that Democracy is dead and one party rule is the path forward.  Such is the philosophy of Plan Bay Area that eliminates local control of cities and towns to an autocratic regional government.  Eric X. Li is lying of course about the superiority of the "Chinese Meritocracy". Chis Chappell of China Uncensored brilliantly shreds Li's arguments by pointing out vast hypocrisy, lies and human rights abuses that are rampant all over China. I imagine Li's "efficiency" argument has many supporters in the Bay Area Economic Council, MTC, ABAG and a slew of Business and Non Government Organizations in the Bay Area.

Plan Bay Area is much more than housing and public transportation.  It is the achievement of a fascist central autocracy over true legitimate local democracy.  

We will Save Marin Again!

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