Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Livable and Lovable Transit Oriented Development coming to Marin just like Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bejiing and Singapore!

Check out this hooky promotional video for transit oriented development put out by a Malaysian government office.  x=

It promotes the vision of UC Berkeley Architect, Peter Calthorpe who proposed designs for St Vincents/Silveira in the 1990s and is consulting Marin for San Quentin,  Strawberry, and Marin City.

ABAG/MTC still has all property within the 1/2 mile along the 101 corridor inside a proposed  PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT AREA which will mean more Wincup style apartment blocks and the destruction of single family neighborhoods.  Marinwood has been termed a "Transit Oriented Town Center" and is planned to have upto 4500 homes along the 1/2 mile strip of land next to the 101 Freeway.

Do any of these photos in the video look like a place in Marin where you would like to live?   

We must Save Marin Again!

P.S. Peter Calthorpe doesn't live in a TOD.  No...  He lives in a multimillion dollar gated estate in Berkeley Hills.
It PAYS to be "smart".

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