Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marin County Community Development Department admits "buffer inventory" is a Fraud.

Marin County Community Development Department admits that the so called "buffer inventory" becomes part of the "essential inventory" of subsidized housing for the California mandated Regional Needs Housing Assessment. Citizens complained when planners insisted in adding additional 400 units of inventory over the California State mandates during the 2014 Housing Element. The planning department claimed it was just insurance should the state not accept some of the sites. Now, once the RHNA has been approved, the Community Planning Department has a new tune. Buffer inventory must be replaced.

Such deceptions by the County Planning Department are common and is one of the reasons Citizens all over Marin County are rising up against this bureaucratic tyranny.

The 2014 Housing element should be amended to reflect only the state mandated requirements.

 We will Save Marin Again!

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