Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Laws proposed that ELIMINATE parking requirements for affordable housing!

This is a Six Story Senior Apartment Building like the one George Lucas wants to build out at Grady Ranch, a full four and miles up a country road.  It has little access to essential services, shopping, doctors, ambulance service, water and infrastructure.  It is merely vertical sprawl.
Several state legislators are pushing through amendments to the density bonus law that will take away cities' rights to require a minimum number of on-site parking spaces in density bonus projects. Most density bonus projects consist of a majority of market rate housing and just a few low income. Assemblyman Chau, the author of the bill, also added wording called the legislative intent "allowing builders and the market to decide how much parking is needed."

Density bonus law amendment to change to no parking spaces required, no parking minimums, if developer requests density bonus. "

AB 744 by Chau and Gonzalez, and now includes Quirk has passed the Assembly and will be heard in the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on June 30. AB 744 adds a long, non-required section on legislative intent on density bonus, mixed-use, eliminating vehicle parking, and declares that infill development and excessive parking requirements is a matter of statewide concern and is not a municipal affair.

The League of California Cities requested a "No" vote on the Assembly Floor on June 3.

Among the reasons listed in the League of California Cities alert for voting no on this bill that will remove parking minimums:
AB 744 offers a complete exemption from city parking requirements for senior housing, 62-plus, with no connection to transit.
AB 744 offers a complete exemption from city parking requirements for housing for lower (80 percentage of median) income, near transit.

Also, the letter request for a no vote states:
The cities of California and their elected councils take no comfort in subdivision (q) of the intent language which advocates: "allowing builders and the market to decide how much parking is needed."

If you oppose this bill contact your State Senator, Assembly member, and the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee before the hearing date of June 30. If AB 744 is passed out of the committee, it is on its way to becoming law. Also contact your City Council.

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  1. Assemblyman Chau is the patron saint of builders. Not a friend to California communities.

    Here is a link to the letter that the City of Encinitas in San Diego County sent to Chau last week. Well worth the one-page read, especially if you're dealing with this in your California community.

    Contact this guy yourself. He needs to know California citizens have eyes on him.

    Here's to us all. Stay united in fighting this well-intentioned but ill-used Density Bonus Law.

    Very concerned citizen,
    Encinitas, California