Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Muir Woods Transportation Meeting, "The Devil is in the Details"

Here is the full unedited video of the Muir Woods Transportation Meeting held at Mill Valley Community Center on May 26, 2015.  Congressman Jared Huffman created a task force to study the various ways that the National Park Service can increase visitors to the park without causing major parking issues and traffic problems at Tam Junction.

According to Congressman Huffman, a consensus was reached with a reservation/shuttle bus system that allows the park to modify visitation according to seasonal and weekly demand.  Each panel member expressed their support of the plan with major caveat,  "the devil is in the details".

The final report was released to the public only hours before the event,  denying the public's opportunity to examine the "devilish details".  The National Park Service has a major credibility problem in Marin after they were found falsifying scientific data in their case against Drakes Bay Oyster Company.  It may be a generation or more before people are willing to accept the integrity of the National Park Service in any public negotiation.  (Incidentally, non of the NPS employees were fired after the Drakes Bay Oyster Company  incident.  Most were promoted.)

On the surface, I agree that the plan make sense.  It is a reasonable balance between stewardship and access.   But the "Devil is in the Details"  .  Watch for the final plans to emerge.  There may be significant changes yet to come.

No Congressman Huffman. No one is suggesting conspiracies.  We have proof that the NPS has not always been a trustworthy partner to negotiations.  Just ask Kevin Lunny.

Correction:  Above is the first hour of the meeting. Here is the 2 hour video:

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