Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Displacement is Gentrification and Gentrification the Movie

Gentrification is often thought of a problem of poor neighborhoods.  I disagree. It is everyone's problem when government is used for private and ideological ends to strip to enrich a few.  This is the EVIL of the redevelopment schemes of Smart Growth Planners.  Like an invading colonists, they are intent on transforming the landscape into their own imagined "Smart Growth" cities and villages.  Local communities be damned.   

Shouldn't the citizens have a voice in their future?  Why should unelected bureaucrats and regional planning bodies be allowed to destroy neighborhoods?   Natural changes occur in neighborhoods in response to economic pressures and changing tastes.  When this happens it can be a good thing.  But when government writes the rules, provides special incentives, tax breaks and direct grants, it is using government to enrich a small segment of development interests over the local population.

This is happen all over the Bay Area including the Mission, China town, Oakland, Berkeley and of course Marin.   In Marin City,  a whirlwind of change threatens to level the tight knit community in favor of market rate housing (i.e. government imposed gentrification).  The residents of mostly renters will become the displaced victims of this government mandate.  Likewise in suburban neighborhoods, tax subsidized big box apartments will be thrust on the community, straining schools, traffic and the local tax base.  

We will Save Marin Again.

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