Friday, May 22, 2015

MTC Plan Bay Area meetings are PLANNED to stifle dissent.

Citing civil disruptions during public meetings to discuss Plan Bay Area,  MTC representative Richard Hedges from San Mateo approves of the way tabletop meetings are conducted. 

He said that last Plan Bay Area meetings were disrupted by certain people (referring to the East Bay Tea Party and other groups that questioned the 40 year plan) and by eliminating stadium seating, they can quiet dissent. 

It is remarkable that in Contra Costa County with a population of 1.1 million people had only 80 people attending this Plan Bay Area meeting.    

According to the MTC,  "success" is when no one listens and objects.   At least half of the attendees were supporters of the plan from the building trades and housing activist communities.

 It looks much less than eighty people to me. Maybe they were counting the staff too.

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