Monday, May 18, 2015

Clean up or Cover Up at Marinwood Plaza?

On May 13, 2015,  several residents for Marinwood appeared before the Regional Water Quality Control Board in Oakland, CA to testify for the immediate clean up of the Toxic Waste at the Prosperity Cleaners site at Marinwood Plaza, 132 Marinwood Avenue, San Rafael, CA.

In February 2014, the same board issued a clean up order to the plaza's owners Marinwood Plaza, LLC .  They objected on grounds that clean up is very expensive it would it difficult for the new owners to obtain financing in a timely fashion.  The spill had spread UNDERNEATH the freeway and was approaching the well on an adjacent dairy  farm that produces food for thousands.  

Supervisor Susan Adams and Assemblyman Marc Levine personally intervened on behalf of the DISCHARGER in 2014 (not the public in immediate health risk) to DELAY THE CLEAN UP.

One year later and two buyers have dropped interest in the property and NO CLEAN UP or plan for CLEAN UP has begun.

Residents are frustrated.  Hundreds of lives may be affected.   The board simply wants to test more wells instead of ordering the immediate clean up

We must Save Marin Again.

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