Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Propaganda Cartoon on Smart Growth

It is important to understand the "ideas" behind Smart Growth that are pushing Plan Bay Area.  Despite many attempts to achieve this "beautiful utopia" none actually exist anywhere on earth.  Portland, Oregon is often held up as an example but businesses have left town while real estate prices have made it very unaffordable.  East Portland, a one time suburb has become a hodge podge of affordable housing and substandard infrastructure. Sidewalks, schools and water capacity are in short supply. Public transportation has actually gone DOWN over the last decade.

Notice that suburbs in most of Marin aka"tangletown" (10:50 in the video)  will disappear and become an urbanized center. Plan Bay Area calls these Priority Development Areas.   

The plan for Smart Growth is a plan to radically redevelop our community.

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