Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bruce Anderson reports "positive news" about Marinwood Plaza.

Bruce Anderson is reporting on Next Door Neighborhoods that Marinwood Plaza has been "sold" to a new buyer.   Here is what he wrote according to my source:

"Some of us have been informed that a new purchase agreement is in place for Marinwood Plaza. It is not with Bridge and the purchaser has not been disclosed so details are sketchy at this time. However I include this quote from a note we received from Bridge: 
"The brokers representing the Owners of Marinwood Plaza have informed us that the Owners have selected another “qualified” buyer to move forward with. The brokers are unable provide details about the transaction, including the name of the buyer, other than the following: the buyers are a group out of Southern California; the offer is an As-is offer which will close after a 90 day feasibility period; the price and terms of the offer are very strong; and there will be a required affordable housing component to the buyer’s proposed project. 
The brokers have agreed to keep us updated with any new information. They anticipate knowing in about 50 days whether this offer may be moving forward or not. " 
And "as is" offer means that the buyers have agreed to purchase the property with the existing zoning, rather than on the condition that the zoning will revised. The existing zoning provides significant incentives to build affordable housing."

More information is needed and Bruce Anderson is an unreliable source of facts.  As a CSD director for twelve years, he obscured development plans in Marinwood CSD and the terrible state of the CSD finances.  He worked "behind the scenes" with developers, calling into question his objectivity in CSD politics.  Like Susan Adams,  he was ousted in a landslide election by Justin Kai, Bill Shea and Deana Dearborn.

It is possible that the "new buyer" is merely a new corporate entity created to limit the liability exposure to the toxic waste plume that has been allowed to fester for at least a decade.  We note that a family trust in Beverly Hills is a principle recipient of Regional Water Quality Control Board documents.   

Is this really a "new buyer"?  We need to find out.  It could merely be a legal ruse. Rumors of a class action lawsuit are brewing.

Meanwhile, Bruce Anderson is creating more havoc in Marinwood/Lucas Valley with his policy of censorship of speech that he finds politically inconvenient.  It is positively appalling that Gordon Strausse, of NextDoor has allowed Bruce to be the nextdoor neighborhood bully.

I suppose Bruce needs to get his kicks from something these days.
We will not let our neighborhood be exploited!

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