Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Testimony to RWQCB about the Toxic Waste spill at Marinwood Plaza that threatens our health

Marinwood Plaza, LLC, the current owners of Marinwood Plaza  aka Hoytt Enterprises is under order to clean up the toxic waste contamination of PCE from Prosperity Cleaners.   There is a profound threat to the health of our community.  A cancer hotspot is reported yards away in Casa Marinwood.  

Very little clean up appears to have happened since the order was issued in February 2014.   Former Supervisor Susan Adams and Assemblymen Marc Levine have PERSONALLY INTERVENED in the process in an attempt to INTIMIDATE the non partisan scientific board.   It seems that it has worked.

The commissioners who were adamant that the clean up begin immediately in February 2014 suddenly have backed off of their demands.  The case officer at the RWQCB (Regional Water Quality Control Board) suddenly was "retired" and will not speak of the case.   Marinwood Plaza has fallen out of escrow and is now being offered for sale (Bridge housing has a offer in.  We presume they are counting on the taxpayer to foot the bill on their behalf)

Susan Adams,  a nursing PHD seems to be more concerning with advancing her objective of helping Bridge Housing than the health of her neighbors.   She was delivered a crushing election defeat in June 2014 but still remains on the ABAG regional planning board as a member of the "public" representing "public health".

The sleaze is surreal.  Even if one is for affordable housing at Marinwood Plaza, does it make sense to imperil the health of the community so that Marinwood Plaza can save money over clean up?

The property should be seized immediately and cleaned up and turned over to Marinwood CSD.

Trust Me.  I support affordable housing and green jobs

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