Thursday, March 19, 2015

George Lucas thinks Rich and Powerful People shouldn't get Special Favors

Here is an interesting interview given by George Lucas just before the LucasFilm Studios at Grady Ranch project was pulled due to problems with permitting process with state and federal regulators.  The Board of Supervisors did everything they could to intervene on his behalf, lobbying the State and Federal government. 

We learned last week that George Lucas received an administrative permit to remove 4000 cubic yards of soil at Big Rock Ranch.  There was NO notice to any of his adjoining neighbors that we know of.  Only a small notice was posted at the Nicasio Post Office.  There are no EIR reports, Soil studies, Road impact/Traffic studies.  Just a quick rubberstamp approval.

Gee Whiz.  I wonder is this qualifies as "Special Favors"?

From the permit: 

. This Design Review Amendment approval authorizes up to 4,000 cubic yards of soil to be

off-hauled to an off-site location. The excess soil is a result of grading activities related to a

previously approved Design Review application. The soil will be transported to either Loch

Lomand Marina, or the Nicasio Rock Quarry. A fleet of “super ten” trucks will be utilized for

transport of the soil. Each truck can carry approximately 10 cubic yards of soil each;

therefore approximately 400 truck trips will be necessary to complete the soil off-haul

operation. Per the application, the 40’ wide by 102” long, four-axle trucks will be either

tarped or filled one foot below the top of the truck bed to reduce dust. The trucks are rated at

66,500 lbs maximum gross vehicle weight when loaded. The truck trips shall be staggered to

avoid truck traffic congestion. The off-haul operation shall take place Monday through

Friday, from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

2. The off-haul operation shall substantially conform to the Design Review Amendment

request, as described in the letter and site plan submitted by Al Cornwall, date stamped

February 13, 2015, and on file with the Marin County Community Development Agency,

except as modified by the conditions listed herein.

3. There shall be no exportation of soil to the Nicasio Quarry. The soil shall be off-hauled to

either Loch Lomand Marina, as proposed, or an alternate off-site location.

4. The applicant/owner hereby agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the County of

Marin and its agents, officers, attorneys, or employees from any claim, action, or

proceeding, against the County or its agents, officers, attorneys, or employees, to attack, set

aside, void, or annul an approval of this application, for which action is brought within the

applicable statute of limitations.

5. Any changes to the project shall be submitted to the Community Development Agency in

writing for review and approval before the contemplated modifications may be initiated.

Construction involving modifications that do not substantially comply with the approval, as

determined by the Community Development Agency staff, may be required to be halted until

proper authorization for the modifications are obtained by the applicant.



Unless conditions of approval establish a different time limit or an extension to vest has been

granted, any permit or entitlement not vested within three years of the date of the approval,

March 5, 2018, shall expire and become void. The permit shall not be deemed vested until the

permit holder has actually obtained any required Building Permit or other construction permit

and has substantially completed improvements in accordance with the approved permits, or has

actually commenced the allowed use on the subject property, in compliance with the conditions

of approval. An extension to vest may be granted administratively by the Planning Division for a

maximum period of three years following the original expiration date.


This decision is final unless appealed to the Planning Commission. A Petition for Appeal and a

$600.00 filing fee must be submitted in the Community Development Agency – Planning

Division, Room 308, Civic Center, San Rafael, no later than March 19, 2015.

cc: {Via email to County departments}

CDA – Planning Manager

DPW – Land Development

Nicasio Design Review Board

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