Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why the We Should Welcome More Immigrants (Even Illegals!)

Here are a few reasons why immigration is GOOD for the U.S.:
  • Immigrants make up 13% of the U.S. population, but represent 18% of small business owners
  • Immigrant businesses employ 1 in 10 Americans 
  • 18% of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants, generating  $1.7 trillionin revenue
  • Immigrants are three times more likely to file a patent than native citizens
  • 75% of farm workers are foreign-born
  • As consumers, immigrants pump over $2 trillion into the economy
  • Without immigrant labor, milk prices would increase by 61%
  • Immigrants on average pay $1800 more in taxes than receive in benefits
  • 66% of ILLEGAL—ILLEGAL!--immigrants pay Social Security, Medicare, and income taxes via payroll withholding
  • Immigrants (legal and illegal) are less likely to commit crimes or be on welfare butmore likely to work than similarly situated native-born Americans
So instead of trying to reduce immigration by “securing the border,” “completing the dang fence,” and forcing ALL residents to show work papers and ALL employers to become agents of the federal government, why don’t we just...
 Let (a Lot More of) Them In...
In the new Congress, immigrant-friendly lawmakers in both parties can pass laws “that enjoy bipartisan start fixing the system.... These include a GUEST WORKER PROGRAM for low-skilled workers and DEREGULATION of the high-skilled visa program.”—Shikha Dalmia, in the February 2015 Reason.


  1. This is a totally BS article as is the video with the fake stats. Multiculturalism is a con job, just ask France. What's the prison population of California? How many illegals are behind bars? Yeah immigrants are an asset all right, especially the ones who demand special privileges. No thanks. I prefer Western Civilization, created by the evil White man all the non whites love to hate, but they follow Whitey everywhere. Why is that? The answer is very simple. Western man creates nations no other group can create.

  2. I strongly disagree with your statement. America is a nation of immigrants. We are the land of promise. All of us have roots in other cultures and political heritage. The immigrants I know are hard working, strong family people. There are plenty of tyrannies created by Western people, Get out and get to know a few immigrants on a personal basis. I bet you'll change your mind.

  3. America is a nation of White immigrants, no other. The founding fathers created a nation for THEIR posterity. All changed in 1965 when the traitors changed who was allowed to come into America. Melting pot of White people, of European heritage, not meant for the world. I know immigrants; I live in a majority non white, crime ridden town. 43% of kids are not English speakers, other 40% black.Gun shots heard every night. Taxes through the roof. School taxes 3rd highest in area. Used to be my end of town was the better end, now they are shooting at each other two blocks from me. Yeah I know what's happening. Sure there are nice people, but that has nothing to do with the overall culture being destroyed. Be honest, the reasons you don't want all the HUD housing in Marin are just what I have written.

  4. What is a "white" person anyhow? Are you aware that race has no scientific meaning? It is mere a cluster of genetic traits. I Why don't we call people that are blond hair and blue eyed a race? It makes just about as much sense. think you are really referring to culture when you are saying "white". You say that that America was founded by white immigrants. I say that it was founded on principles of liberty and justice for all regardless of race or cultural background. It is character that counts and has nothing to do with the pigment of skin.