Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Twenty Somethings" find Affordable Housing and Self Reliance in the "Forbidden Lifestyle" of Plan Bay Area

One of the often repeated lies of the Pro High Density Housing folks (CALM, etc)  tell, is that "young people prefer to live in small apartments in urban environments". This is against every consumer survey done on home ownership among all classes of people over the last fifty years. According to industry groups, 80% of people prefer the "single family home" lifestyle over crowded urban conditions. 

 We are also told that there is "no affordable solutions" for young people.  This is simply not true.  Here are two examples of independent, creative twenty somethings who have figured out an affordable living solution.    Both of these solutions will be banned under the "urban corridor" ideal of Plan Bay Area. Single family living on a piece of land is termed  ugly "sprawl" and causes global warming.
To me these young folks represent the "California Dream" of creative independence that once was dominant in Marin County until some progressives aligned with developers and power hungry politicians to advocate for the urbanization of Marin.   

We will Save Marin Again!  

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