Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Susan Adams Wins! Marinwood has 80% of all Low income, Subsidized housing in unincorporated Marin

"I wish I had another term to build some more"

Susan Adams gets a double victory.  The Board of Supervisors voted for Marinwood Plaza (82 units) and St. Vincent's/Silveira Ranch (221 units) for the very lowest income units in the county. See the Marin IJ story HERE

While we are not opposed to all low income housing, we do not like the high density or costs that will come with these tax exempt properties.  Also because of HUD mandates to diversify Marin, the supervisors will be concentrating all of it in two large complexes in our neighborhood.  Together, we can expect to have 600-1000 new low income neighbors.

While we agree with the goal of diversity for the county, we think it is counter productive to build large islands of ethnicity and poverty and expect integration.   The best way to integrate is to build smaller units and spread them throughout the 850 square miles of the county.  These two complexes will be literally a few hundred yards apart.  "Wincup City".  I expect that Kate Sears, Katie Rice and Steve Kinsey got reductions to help them get re-elected.

The goal of "affirmative fair housing" uses the theory of "disparate impacts" to determine racism.  That is if you a Caucasian and your neighbor is Caucasian, you could be in a racist neighborhood.  This is of course ridiculous, as most reasonable people assert, economics and neighborhood preferences determine the demographic mix.  Also, since many people, (like my family) could be considered "bi-racial", terms for racial identity are ambiguous and misleading.  How then is "racial equity" determined? I abhor racism but I feel such government policies are inherently racist by definition.

Diversity is great for a community. Differing points of view, different cultures enrich us all.  Variety is the spice of life.  We wish the county would adapt policy that actually diversifies AND integrates us.

Ps. On a positive note, Supervisor Kinsey volunteered for 2 low income units in Pt Reyes Station that he admits will probably never get built.  
Thanks Steve for your leadership and especially the lectures on charity for your fellow man!
Supervisor Kinsey deep in thought at BOS meeting.

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