Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Night Music: "Four Dead in Ohio" CSNY Mix/Larkspur Armor plated Humvee with Turret

Twin Cities Police Officer in tactical gear at the November 11, 2014 community meeting held by Supervisor Katie Rice.
I was shocked to see the amount of weaponry he was carrying for a community meeting where the average audience member was older than sixty five years;  At least five officers were present and situated at opposite corners or the room.  Were the police expecting trouble?  Is this an over the top reaction by Katie Rice who's unpopularity in the district is growing?  Judy Arnold, had apologize for her rhetoric in October 2014  accusing Marin as being taken over by shadowy right wing groups from the Tea Party. After the election, the supervisors increased security at the Marin Civic Center.
Has paranoia set in with the Supervisors and the police?

Can anyone tell me why Larkspur-Corte Madera Police need armor plated Humvees with a machine gun turret?
Are they afraid of the citizens?  Perhaps, they want to put down the Larkspur Rebellion?  

This week's events in Ferguson, MO. with the Military police tactics against protesting civilians and journalists made me think of the Kent State Massacre where unarmed, protesting college students were gunned down by trigger happy National Guardsmen. That awful tragedy burned into our history reminds us that we must never take our civil liberties for granted nor allow the police to become a military force against the civilians. Yet even in quiet Marin, our police forces have military grade attack vehicles and firepower.

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  1. The Sergeant pictured is only wearing everything a standard patrol officer is wearing. He is wearing a load bearing vest which puts his equipment on his chest instead of his hips. A lot of departments allow their staff to do that to prevent back injuries. You can see in the picture he has a baton (a standard piece of police equipment), a radio (also standard piece of equipment) and spare magazines (which every uniformed officer carries spares of). Contrary to your belief, he was not carrying any additional weaponry.