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The Hunger Games: Catching Paranoia

The Hunger Games: Catching Paranoia (Featuring Agenda 21) (VIDEO)

AUTHOR DECEMBER 3, 2013 10:54 AM
Agenda 21 is the Hunger Games
Alex Jones thinks that Agenda 21 will lead to a real-life version of The Hunger Games. The resulting conspiracy theory mash-up is full of nutty paranoia.
If you are like millions of other movie-goers, you saw the second installment of The Hunger Gamesthis past holiday weekend. Catching Fire has made almost $300 million since its release on November 21st. Many viewers on both ends of the political spectrum see their own beliefs reflected back at them in the tale of a dystopic future. Income inequality, sadistic games and government control feature in the plot, giving liberals and Tea Partiers both fodder for their arguments.

Alex Jones goes one better with a Hunger Games and Agenda 21 mash-up.

Our favorite right-wing conspiracy nut and frothing-at-the-mouth ranter, Alex Jones, has combined his interpretation of the Hunger Games with one of his favorite conspiraciesAgenda 21 is a UN paper that deals with sustainability. It covers several topics including poverty, land use, health and the environment. It is nothing more than a blueprint for sustainable development, non-binding and non-threatening. Unless you are Alex Jones (or Glenn Beck).
According to Jones, Agenda 21 is going to result in “the end of humanity and… freedom.” Of course, in Jones’ world, President Obama is a dictator. In Jones’ world there are a lot of fantasy scenarios. In fact, as we speak….
“… all over the country the military is rolling out, preparing for war, not with Al Qaeda but with the Tea Party, with gun owners, with veterans, with Christians.”

Jones displays a frightening level of paranoia.

Seriously? Don’t you think that if, indeed, the military were “rolling out” here in America we would notice? I mean, it’s rather hard to hide a platoon or a phalanx of tanks or whatever a “rolling out” military consists of to Jones. And, naturally, the targets would be people like him. His insistence that the UN has “New World Order” troops and that they are analogous to the Hunger Games‘ Peacekeepers reveals a freakish level of paranoia.
This is all coming true, this is all happening, this is actually the Agenda 21 exact plan,”Jones said. “This woman [Suzanne Collins] who wrote it [the Hunger Games] is either a total patriot and aware of what’s going on and super smart, or she’s a total operative. We’ve tried to contact her many times, obviously.”
Because she couldn’t just be a writer with a good grasp of sociology and history along with a great imagination. Jones is desperate to find out whether Collins is on “his side.” He’s worried that we liberals will “steal” The Hunger Games from conservatives and if the author is not on Jones’ side, she will support that “theft.” His pretzel logic is truly breathtaking:
“They have created the crisis, this is socialism we’re seeing with fascism on top, now their answer will be more of this. They’re saying they hope to cause a leftist revolution with this film and others, so that’s why it looks like it’s anti-establishment because the establishment is so sophisticated that they have to steal our energy.”
Truly dizzying “logic.” This is a man who can’t understand what either socialism or fascism really is. He has created a bogeyman of staggering proportions, one that is so clever that it has twisted the establishment to look anti-establishment just to steal the thunder of the
crazies conservatives. Those tricky liberals!

A view from the other end of the political spectrum.

Jones and his fellow conservatives have glommed on to the totalitarian aspect of The Hunger Games, and it certainly is a dismal thing to contemplate. But the man who plays President Snow has his own ideas about the politics of the films. In an interview with Screen Rant, Donald Sutherland expressed his hopes about what could happen:
“Hopefully they will see this film and the next film and the next film and then maybe organize,” Sutherland said. “Stand up. They might create a third party. They might change the electoral process, they might be able to take over the government, change the tax system.”
Sutherland, a lifelong lefty, was very active in protests in the 1960s. He was against the Vietnam War and took the part of Hawkeye in the film M*A*S*H (1969) because he felt that movie made a statement. Though it was set during the Korean War, it was an indictment of the war that was going on at the time. Sutherland hopes that the Hunger Games films could “be another Battle of Algiers.” That film was an inspiration to many insurgent groups.
Alex Jones is freaked out about the UN’s Agenda 21. He worries that “New World Order” troops are going to come for him because he own guns and is Christian. Perhaps what he should worry about is the poor coming after him because he’s rich. And that he got that way by scaring his audiences. That he uses the Hunger Games film series that wants to be cautionary on all levels to suit his own agenda is nothing less than what you’d expect from him. Can he just go crawl into a bunker somewhere and spare the rest of us his paranoid rants? I’m sure Katniss would prefer that.
Here’s the rant. Lay in supplies — it’s a long one:

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